Can I book a pre-purchase inspection for a car that is at an auction?

Yes, we can complete pre-purchase inspections on vehicles that are for sale via auction. However, depending on the company holding the auction we may not be able to complete certain aspects of the inspection due to rules and limitations at the auction house. If possible it always best to confirm with the auction house before booking if they have any restrictions.

In regards to the time frame, it is typically 1 business day for the inspector to contact the owner of the car then typically 2-3 business days for the inspection to be carried out. In times of high demand however there may be delays which would not fit with the timeline of the auction so it may be best to call our customer team on 1300 373 992 to confirm turnaround times in the area.

In the event that you purchase a pre-purchase inspection and it is not carried out before the auction ends we will offer a full refund provided the inspection was not carried out.

To book a pre-purchase inspection, please click on the link below: 

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