Will my vehicle pass an UBER inspection?

Please note, your vehicle will NOT pass the inspection if:

- The vehicle is 15 or more years old in all states excluding SA. (8 years in SA)

- There is commercial branding anywhere on the vehicle

- There is cosmetic damage that would fail roadworthy inspection

- There is a tow bar tongue on the vehicle

- The vehicle is an ex-taxi or ex-government vehicle

- There is an interlock drink driving system installed

- The window tint does not meet state standards/requirements

It is also important to:

- Remove any baby seats/booster seats from the vehicle

- Clean your vehicle before the inspection takes place

- Ensure that the vehicle is free from any odours before the inspection takes place 

All vehicles are inspected to regulatory standards based on state the vehicle is located in. For further information on this, please contact your local road authority.

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