Motorbikes: What's not included

What’s not included/ not checked?·       
·       The operation and/ or roadworthiness of any non-genuine parts and accessories fitted, for example aftermarket exhaust systems
·       2 Stroke Oil Pump Operation and adjustment
·       Condition of internal engine and gearbox components
·       Frame and swing arm alignment
·       Engine Overheating
·       Wheel spoke tension
·       Tyre pressures
·       Wheel alignment (handlebar, wheels, final drive)
·       Engineering or compliance of any accessory or sidecar attachment
·       Vehicle’s computer systems, such as trip meter computers, cruise control and any other computer systems
·       Timing chain/ Timing Belt and Camshafts
·       Heated Handle Grip and Seat Operation
·       Mechanical switching of lights
·       Additional accessories included as a result of owner’s modifications
·       Catalytic converters
·       Degree of gas emissions
·       Functionality of audio/entertainment systems
·       Estimated expiry of exhaust system, clutch, dual mass flywheels
·       Odometer accuracy
·       Standard to which repairs or service history have been completed
·       Body water leaks or reason for leaks
·       Water pump/fan
·       Transmission mechanics
·       Vehicle electrics and electronics
·       Engine mountings
·       Engine cylinder compression
·       Wheel cylinders
·       Oil pump strainer to assess sludge build up
·       Reason for oil leaks
·       Meters indicating oil and fuel consumption or the degree of oil and fuel consumption
·       Anti-lock braking system (ABS) mechanics
·       Evidence of brake fluid contamination
·       Brake function and lining material, brake drums, limited to what is immediately visible
·       Technical systems


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