Camper trailer inspection: What's not included?

  • It is the sellers responsibility to have the trailer or caravan on an open flat, hard surface where it is safe to inspect (inspector to assess at the time). The trailer or caravan is required to be set up including any structures, tents, annex and fixtures (if applicable) prior to the inspector arriving 
  • Roof condition where a lift or ladder is required to view and assess
  • Technical systems
  • Chassis alignment
  • Engineering, compliance and quality of tow hitches, frames and attachments
  • The tow vehicle is not road tested
  • We cannot check electric expendable living areas
  • Status of habitation areas
  • Air conditioning efficiency
  • LPG systems
  • Mechanical switching of lights, switches and plugs
  • Degree of gas emissions
  • Upper expandable roof to be raised prior to inspection
  • Body water leaks or reason for leaks
  • Electrical systems and electronics
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Evidence of brake fluid contamination
  • Drinking Water Tank and Leaks
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) mechanics
  • Condition of solar paneling
  • Bathroom Operation (shower/ toilet) & Facilities
  • Waste Water and Processing Systems
  • Operation of Refrigerator, Oven, Microwave Appliances
  • Emergency break away system, or stability system operation for caravans or trailers


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