I have booked a pre-purchase inspection for a caravan, what happens next?

Our inspector will be in contact with the owner of the caravan with instructions to select a date and time that suits them to complete the inspection. We request that the seller of the caravan ensures the caravan set up prior to the arrival of our inspector. This includes the seller fully expanding/unpacking the caravan, ensuring it is fully set up and connected to power and annexes are on full display. We also request that the asset is located and assembled on a safe and level surface with walking space distance around the perimeter of the vehicle.

In the event that the owner is unable to ensure the caravan is fully set up prior to our inspectors arrival, we will attempt to re-schedule a time providing that we have 24 hours notice. 

Please note, if the set-up and these components are not able to be viewed, our inspector may not be able to complete a full inspection. 

If the owner has not selected a time via the SMS link-that's okay, the inspector will call within 1 business day to organise a date and time for the inspection. From there, the inspection is typically carried out within the next 2-3 business days.

The inspection report will be delivered within 24 hours of the inspection being completed. For more information please refer to the terms & conditions.

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